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“Use your skills to change the world.”

The LE Brands was founded in 2014 based on this quote, as our ceo & president believes it to be true. We believe that everyone deserves to expand their brand with powerful tools and solutions. We strive to knock down financial barriers that prevent you or your organization from reaching new levels of online presence.

How are our prices so low? Well, we don’t have the overhead all our competitors have because we didn’t spend millions on fancy cubicles and amazing carpeting – we spent our money elsewhere by improving our product and services instead.

We are located in central Utah and specialize in many services to help make your growing business a success. We are dedicated, motivated and “go-getters” just like you and your business. We are constantly adding, improving and expanding our own solutions – so we won’t stop until you are satisfied. Just because we were founded in 2014 doesn’t mean we are the newbies! Our staff has been in the industry for years and our work can prove it. Let us show you what we can do!

There is nothing small about a business.

We don’t see anyone as a small business – there is nothing small about it! The many hours of work and dedication to create your dream is nothing small at all. Whether you have 2 employees or 2,000, you are innovative, hardworking and resilient. You do everything in your power to ensure your business succeeds.

“Do what you love” they say. We believe you started your business because you saw an opportunity and pursued it with passion. You know long days, juggling schedules, and seemingly impossible deadlines – but you drive on.

Businesses like this inspire us by doing what may seem impossible or just a dream.


Unlike our Competitors

Just because we have the most affordable web design and services doesn’t mean that we are “cheap”. Both us and our clients believe that we offer more value than any other solution. There is no reason to charge excessive fees or extreme markups. Our organization is small, which allows us to keep our prices low and our satisfaction high and more personal.  


Still not convinced? We invite you to contact us. We’d love to chat and see how we can help convince you.

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